Sunday, August 27, 2006

Odds & Ends

Firstly, because I am a huge noobnik, the link to the latest Change of Shift. I suck, I know. This is going up late.

Secondly, Mike from Scrubcap sent me a very nice email, asking if I'd link to his site. Sure, Mike! The only thing that bugs me about his caps is that he's only got two patterns for the caps that work for women with short hair. And it's not personal; I rarely wear the things myself. It's just a matter of principle.

The featured cap in that link is for the Oklahoma Sooners, which a quick Google informs me is a college football team. Boomer on, Sooners.

Thirdly, an answer to the nice email correspondent who asked me if I'd ever considered posting pictures of, say, my cat or my workplace. The answer on the cat is this: If ever she did anything interesting, I would be happy to start a Friday Cat Blogging feature. Unfortunately, she tends to lie in one position, either asleep or facing the camera with an "I'm going to rip your throat out, asshole" expression.

As for the workplace, same deal applies: If my coworkers ever did anything interesting, I'd take pictures. As it is, we're all drunk at work, lying around in attitudes of total dissipation while our patients hit the bell, so it's no go.

Fourthly, on a completely boring, girly, personal note, I got a "Well Done!" certificate from my personal trainer. I thought it was sweet, a child young enough to be my daughter giving me a fancy computer-printed certificate. The downside was that there were no gold stars on it. The upside is that she's impressed and a bit mystified by my strength and stability gains. Seems I've blown the top off the curve as far as building muscle mass goes. Wahoo me. Boomer on, Jo.

(You know, I may be snarky, but the fact that she printed up a certificate really touched me. It wasn't one-size-fits-all, as it had brains and cats on it. If she adds pictures of Robert Smith circa 1985 to the next one, I'll know we're getting along.)

Umm...what else? Oh, yes: the latest Change of Shift has an excellent post on "Communicating with the Doctor". I wish somebody had given it to me five years ago, just before I graduated. Instead, I had to figure all that stuff out myself, which led to me making a howling ass of myself on the phone more than once. All new nurses and nursing students should read that one.

Did I just mention the year 1985? Seems I did. Excuse me while I go take some Geritol. (Do kids these days even know what Geritol is/was?)

In other news, I have a product review for those of you who wear mascara. See, I had to replace all my eye makeup after that pinkeye thing, and I ended up buying some Maybelline waterproof Sky-High Curls mascara. Because it was on sale. Waterproof because I have to wear waterproof eye makeup for Beloved Sister's wedding, because I don't want to look like Robert Smith, circa 1985, by the end of the ceremony.

Anyway, it works well. Yes, it is waterproof, which means you'll have to use something oily to take it off. And yes, it does curl your lashes, in a weird process that involves you being able to feel your lashes curling. If I had done major drugs in college, that probably would've provoked a flashback. It does not clump, but it takes forever to dry, so don't sneeze after you've put it on. Overall, I give it a good rating, if you like waterproof mascara.

Ooooh. The best part of that mascara purchase? Was finding out that every-damn-thing at the local Target is on clearance. See, they're building a Super Target down the road, so the Non Super Target is moving. That means that all the cool stuff you never wanted to buy before, because $15 seemed like a lot to pay for a furry Sponge Bob pillow, is now 60% off. So I have all the cool eye makeup I could ever want (thanks, pinkeye!) and some other nifty stuff, as well. Boomer on, Target.

And finally, after swimming and dinner and champagne (ugh) at Friend Teresa's, I've decided that Borzois are my new favorite sighthound breed. She has three of them--one skinny, one fat, one shy. The shy one did the lean/nit/burrow thing that sighthounds are known for, plus she was furry enough to really cuddle. I'll always be a sucker for Greyhounds, but Borzois are now running a close second.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Regarding the mini scrub hats... We did offer a number of patterns in the mini scrub hat style. They were unfortunately discontinued.

Anonymous said...

Okay, everyone sing along:

~her two kids in high school,
~they tell her that she's uncool
~'cos she's still preoccupied
~with 1985

Just kidding! : D

When did Motley Crue become classic rock?

I sure hope you know what song I'm referring to because I am going to come across as a total dork if you don't!

And thanks for the link to CoS! Very much obliged!

Anonymous said...

Why do Borzois and Greyhounds nit? What's it for?

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