Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Glamorous Life of a Neuroscience Nurse

Hugh called *again* last night, sobbing, stumbling drunk, begging me to take him back. I've got to change my number; he just won't leave me alone.

It was fun in the beginning, when all we did was have quick dinners out, followed by long evenings of piano-playing, tap-dancing, and singing Judy's old songs. He loved my rendition of "The Man Who Got Away", especially when I did it as though I was half-smashed, wearing huge false eyelashes.

Then I made the mistake of telling him I liked his sideburns. After that, things began to go downhill. He was always so *serious*, talking about how we could move north, excavate a little den of our own, and raise a few litters of kits. He just couldn't understand that I wasn't ready to settle down, especially not with such a player. I mean, what about Kate? And don't tell me that that kiss with Meg was all acting.

So I told him as gently as I could that we'd have to go our separate ways. He took it hard. But really, what's a girl to do?

Plus, the claws were, frankly, a pain.


shrimplate said...

Sheesh, I know just what you mean.

She keeps calling me at work and it's beginning to get a little embarrasing

Jo said...

You're crazy....Hugh is awesome. Send him to me...drunkeness, wolverine claws and all.

Jo said...

Jo, you scared me. I thought I'd posted to my own blog without remembering, a la Hugh.

Do you hang out at Twisty's, or are there more of us?

Anonymous said...

... is this ... about ... the X-Men?

your sister who hasn't seen a movie since The English Patient, which was on DVD, and which traumatized her so much she's stuck to E. Nesbit books for eighteen months