Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yes, I removed some comments.

Because I don't believe in trolls.

I know they exist, but I prefer to stick my fingers in my ears and sing la la la la until they go away, or until such time as they stop ignoring civilized rules of behavior.

Such civilized rules include:

No calling other posters names. That includes everybody. "Stupid" is no better than "cunt", but I'll remove the most offensive posts first.

No infighting.

No pissyness. That is reserved for me, and me alone, when I'm talking about residents. nice, or go home.

Edited to add: Anon, if you'd like to know *why* nurses at my facility bathe & bag on a regular basis, without our being understaffed, and why we don't have a problem with it, you're welcome to email me. I'm even forgiving the cunt comment for this.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, what happened here?

Emma said...

Please don't remove this comment! I love reading your blog. I'm a third year nursing student, and I find your blog funny and educational as well. I've read it for a little while now but haven't commented yet. I wanted to tell you, I'm a 'head nurse' too! Well, a head NA (or AIN, as we call it in Australia - Assistant in Nursing). I just got a job on a busy neurosurgery ward and I love it so far.
Again, I think you're fantastic!

Anonymous said...


I take one day off from reading, and look what I miss!!!

I didn't even get to read the snarkiness!

I just got my RN 3 months ago, and truly love what I do... It was reading blogs like this that I got ready for what was ahead...

Dr. Alice said...

Good for you. I see absolutely no reason for bloggers to put up with hecklers, and I never have. You'd think people would realize that heaving insults around doesn't help their case... but I guess not.

Bardiac said...

Hey Jo,

I missed whatever nastiness was in the responses to the previous entry.

But I wanted to say, when I first read the entry, I didn't really "get" the import of bagging a body. I mean, I understood it meant you'd prepared a body to go to the morgue or wherever. But I didn't understand until I read your comments that you did it as a final act of respect and care for someone you'd taken care of.

I'm just some nobody from the internet, but I want to say, Thank you.

After my close friend died in a hospital many years ago, in the night, with another close friend at her side, I heard how kind the staff (nurses and orderlies) had been at the end. Since I wasn't there to say thank you to them (being in a far flung city), let me say it to you, now.

Thank you.

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