Monday, April 04, 2005

What I do on my day off

I exhibit all the signs of being an incomparable genius, that's what I do.

The Beau and I went to a semi-local VW Fest yesterday. This is the state where good VWs go when they die, to be reborn as either all-stock show cars, all-stock daily drivers, or some combination of dropped and street racer and wildly painted wacko machine. Ever seen a VW Bus drag-racing? Neither had I, before yesterday.

Anyway, we went to the VW Fest. Got there about 11, left about three. Spent those four hours in the gorgeous sunshine--not a cloud in the sky, about 70 degrees--looking for NOS (new old stock) parts and refurbishable things for the 1967 Beetle David just bought. I found, by the way, a window crank from 1967 and felt quite proud of myself. He found the other. Then I found an NOS gearshift head and giggled. Then he found a turn signal relay and started acting like Gollum. Then we got some sausage and a turkey leg.

Then I noticed that I had forgotten sunscreen.

I am the odd redhead that doesn't generally sunburn. Yesterday, though, I sunburned. So badly, in fact, that I had to call in today because I can't wear clothing. My normally buttermilk-colored arms are a shocking shade of dark pink, and my neck is a study in ow yow yeesh augh ouch. Let's not even talk about my nose.

I don't *think* I'll blister. It's been 16 hours and no sign of it yet. I'm living covered in aloe vera gel and cold wet rags. I did not sleep last night; turning over was a lesson in what it means to be truly stupid.

If ever I get badly burned in a fire (probably when some VW or another goes up in my face), please either unplug me immediately or feed me lots of morphine along with my Parkland-formula fluids. Thank you.


Dr. Alice said...

My condolences. Sunburn is a bitch. Hope you're feeling better.

Special Sauce said...

Yikes! As one who does a "diamond blue-tip match" impersonation in the sun, I can definitely feel your pain (and have). I'm glad you're feeling a little better though!

My brother's a VW-head, and would be rather envious of your weekend! (Well, probably minus the sunburn and the undercooked turkey.)

Anonymous said...

Oy. The last time I sunburned that badly was when I was in high school, I think. I'm very fair skinned, blonde hair... so I learned my lesson that time.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I am actually having quite a chuckle picturing the little old lady who answers the phone in our staffing office's expression when you say, "I'm sorry, I can't come in today because I cannot wear any clothes..."

I have to get off night shift.. The strangest things are wuite hilarious!!!!

I hope you are feeling better, between the turkey legs and the sunburn, you have had a rough week!!!


Anonymous said...

I used to use Vinegar, to take the sting out. But, it did make me smell a bit like a salad. NSAIDs also help the inflammation.

V (Dr. Alice's friend)