Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Back from vacations, with a vengeance...

Canada was nice. The Hill Country was nice. Sunday alone in my apartment with nobody talking to me and not having to go anywhere was very nice indeed.

Which is a good thing, as the last two days at work have been Work with a capital W. I'm using words I haven't used since nursing school. Words like "polycythemia" and "hypoalbuminemia" and I'm having to actually look up lab results in my little cheat book to find out exactly what a RDW/WBC ratio is.

In other words, the hospital is full, full, full and we're getting patients that should be going to the other floors. In the last two days, I've had two blood dyscrasias, a huge abdominal surgery, a guy with a major eye problem that I won't go into here because I got thoroughly squicked, and a couple of broken and repinned legs. And toes. Toes with pins sticking out of them.


So today it's laundry, groceries (already done. David used his discount card at the store for my groceries; this must be love), bills and mail and checkbook-balancing, and playing with the cat. Later I might vacuum.

It'll be a nice change from trying to conduct three two-chamber IV pumps to push their contents into somebody who's suffering from fluid overload. It'll be a nice change from having to stock a room with sterile saline and sterile gauze *just in case* my patient's eye decides to pop out of his head. It'll be a *very* nice change from having to adjust traction and readjust pins and so on.

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