Friday, July 16, 2004

A very productive day off...

Man A. and I woke up about six, dozed for a bit, then got up and had coffee and laid around for a bit. It's too hot to do much else. Walking outside feels as though you're stepping into a blood-temperature sauna.

Then I went off to Planned Parenthood for the annual Twiddly Bits Exam.

The phrase I never, *ever* want to hear again, coming out of *anybody's* mouth, is the one that came from the NP who did my exam: "I'm really pretty aggressive when it comes to Pap smears."

Once I'd escaped there, I went grocery shopping. I then came home and made broccoli-rice casserole--the white-trash kind with Cheez Whiz and canned cream of mushroom soup and Minute Rice. I'm capable of making quite a nice one with real ingredients, but once in a while I'm in the mood for a good old-fashioned Methodist supper casserole.

Then off for a haircut, then to buy two pairs of shorts and a bag to take to Canada next week. My duffel bag was too large and my backpack too small, so I went looking for the perfect five-days-in-Banff bag--and found it, at 50% off.

I now have everything I need for this trip: sunscreen, two pairs of shorts, a pair of hiking boots, a pair of sandals, a crushable schwanky dress, some t-shirts, and a swimsuit. Anything else would be overkill.

Now it's two-thirty. I've drunk five pint glasses of water, a pint of limeade, several small cups of water at the hair salon, and a Pale Ale. I've sweated out everything I've drunk, I think. Just keeping up with hydration in this weather is a full-time job.

So it's time for a nap. I won't be drinking water, but at least I won't be sweating.

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