Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pity my poor downstairs neighbor.

Last night I stayed up until well past midnight, cleaning and lecturing myself on not being a dickhead (see previous post). At about midnight-thirty, I opened the door to the porch, intending to let in some fresh air.

Instead, I disturbed a sizable red wasp that had been perching there.

Cue thumps, bumps, and "EUGH! BLAR!" noises as I knocked it off my shoulder onto my foot, off my foot onto my shirt, and off my shirt onto the wall.

Quick cut to me panting, retreating across the suddenly-very-small apartment, searching for something with which to whack the wasp.

I ended up killing it with a rolled-up copy of my Advanced Cardiac Life Support review text. It took a lot of whacking and much dancing around to avoid the dying, drunken, broken wasp as it attempted to take its revenge.

Eugh. Blar. Yuck. |||shudder|||

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