Thursday, February 15, 2007

*sigh* I give up. Let's do this right.

A Grey's Anatomy Episode Review: Many Waters Will Not Drown Love, etc.

Meredith goes into the water, with voiceover.

Nobody notices. Except me. I'm on the couch, drinking Dogfish Indian Brown Ale and cheering. Oh, and Dr. Yang notices, but nobody's listening to her, because she's a tempermental tense bitch.

Smoke. Fire. Helicopters. Slightly sinister child with a vacant stare.

Izzy (is it "Izzy"? I always think "Ozzy".) is busy with a guy who's busy herniating and seizing and so on all at once. I'm not going to bust anybody's dream up by telling you that she saves his life with four alcohol swabs, a Dewalt cordless driver with what looks like a Phillips bit on it, and some dude's box of Kleenex. And a voiceover from Chief Whatshisname and Dr. McStitchy.

Smoke. Fire. McDreamy and Slightly Sinister Child.

George is looking for a kid. That muscular young dude who's either about to sleep with Addison or who's already slept with Addison is looking for knocked-up women, dead or alive. You'd think he'd want the un-knocked-up sort so he could get in first, as it were.

Annoying Emotional Support Woman has a few lines. Also, a few surgery scenes.

Wups! McDreamy has figured out where Meredith is (namely, under about twelvty-zinty feet of 50* Puget Sound water; I went swimming there in July once when I was fourteen, fully clothed in a light blue shirt and jeans, I have the picture somewhere, but Jeebus Grits is it ever cold, let me tell you) oops. Yes. Meredith. Under water. McDreamy has a Revelation.

Izzy's saving that guy's life. Dr. Yang and Dr. Burke have a totally ridiculous conversation in a storeroom. Are you sure you want to get married, dudes? All your relationship moments take place in the clean utility room.

Meredith out of the water, with a fine, fine makeup job and a slightly better outfit than Ellen Pompeo wore to the Golden Globes. Sinister Child gets carried off to the hospital.

Many people, none of them EM physicians, are now working on Meredith. George finds his kid. Izzy makes a speech about what she believes in, having unaccountably left a neurosurgery for the privilege. McDreamy and McStitchy have a bondy kinda moment as that young buff guy Addison might or might not already have slept with learns humanity and humility. George and Izzy bond. Meredith stays blue.

The Slightly Sinister Child gets reclaimed by her mother without doing any weird shit with telekinesis or psychic power. I'm disappointed about that.

Meredith is still blue. If they'd brought some real ER physicians in instead of those guys the residents are always sleeping with, I'm sure she'd be fine. But then I'd have to deal with the rest of the season of "Grey's Anatomy".

Go, wanky guys the residents are sleeping with. Go!


Anonymous said...

My favorite line from above: Dr Pike "reviews plot ideas to make them as realistic as possible"

GingerJar said...

WEll, seeing as this is TV medicine vs REAL medicine they are gonna use the HYPOTHERMIA saves heart tissue yada yada yada line and she is gonna come back from the blue, pink up, and tell everybody about how she saw the lignt and Denny and the dead fireman from the bomb blowing up the ER in season 2. Addison and muscle guy made out in simulated sex in a doctor sleep room a couple of segments ago. Is there anybody on that show he has nothad sex with yet??? Oh and Notice how McDreamy and McSteamy are getting to be best friends again...seeing as how they seem to love to have *sexual intercourse* with the same women...even when one is married to the others lover? Oh, and Yang...well, clean utility moments fit her ever so Impersonal style so well...does the woman ever have an expression on her face other than "oh"?? LOL, well enough of the night time Hospital soap The Worm Turns!

may said...

i don't know, but there was something about the look on derek's face , when he finally went out of the room that made me cry.
maybe, the same way i felt when i finally sat on a chair inside the dialysis room while people are trying to revive my mom,(when five minutes after they got a rhythm, she coded again) and i knew that there is a big chance she will not make it. you know,the mixed up role one medical professional plays when someone we love needs chest compressions...


Julie said...

Oh you took the words right out of my mouth. I watched that episode with many expletives and interesting remarks. My dear hubby thought I was crazy.

Great post!

anne said...

Jo -

(if this is a repeat post, my apologies)

Off topic, but... have you seen this guy's blog?

I think you read the wonderful Twisty Faster, so you probably have. At any rate, I was wondering - do you run across physicians with attitudes like his about the nursing profession very often? I mean, I'm aware that once I'm an RN (two years hence, I hope), I'll have to deal with some level of arrogance from some doctors, but I shudder to think what my new profession will be like if his species is overabundant. It just makes me sad.