Sunday, January 08, 2006

The jig is up; the gloves come off...

Beloved Sister sent me this email in response to the post below:

I have decided that every female who is blood-related to me, however
distantly, whether they attend this wedding or not, must on our wedding
day wear a dirndl, an apron, and one of those Dutch hats with the
earpoints that flip up. So you don't have to worry about looking like a
Russian peasant. You'll look like a Flemish peasant. Stay tuned for
color picks and mandatory accessories.

Something tells me I should go get a froofy pink dress with big puffy sleeves and a butt-bow. I just *should*. And a poodle on a leash. With a rhinestone collar. And Big Hair. Like something from Etiquette Hell. Just to teach her a lesson.


Tiberia said...

Ah yes, the bridesmaid's butt bow .....who the frick ever thought *that* was a good idea!?!?!?!?

Your Sister said...

No, maybe you should wear a really big cartwheel hat. And a dress with a handkerchief hem. And carry ... carry a little Bible with feathers on the cover. A white bible. With gold feathers.

Eileen said...

If you go with the butt bow you will require one of those Bo-Peep shepardess crooks and a sheep. Maybe two sheep- it is so hard to herd with just one.

nephronurse said...

Don't forget the bright blue eyeshadow and the bright pink lipstick.

Kate said...

I hadn't even thought about the makeup. Make sure it stops at your jawline.