Sunday, February 19, 2012

My week, by Jo.

This past week, I was stroke coordinator, advisor to the publications department, advisor to the computer guys who are installing new monitors, preceptor to two nurses, secretary, patient care aide, transporter, housekeeper, fire-putter-outer (figuratively, not literally, thank Frogs), chief inspector of electrical outlets, general dogsbody, and carrier of a full patient load.

I have this weekend off. Except work has called four times as of 0500 this morning to see if I'd like to work extra.

Extra work is not on my schedule. Last night I went to bed just after 5 pip emma, as the sun started to go down. I slept eleven and a half hours and feel almost human.

Things are bad at Sunnydale General: we've got a number of people out with work-related injuries or stress-related problems, our census has ballooned over the last six weeks, and we're all run to nubbins. On top of all of that, I've had such a sore butt over the last two weeks that I've been barely able to walk.

Conversation between me and Der Alter Jo at the Korean barbecue:

Me: My ass hurts.

DAJ: Cross your legs like this: (demonstrates).

Me: (crossing legs like that) scream

DAJ: That's piriformis syndrome.

Conversation with Dr. PMR:

Me: My ass hurts. Friend of mine says it's piriformis syndrome.

DPMR: Cross your legs like this: (demonstrates)

Me: Aw HELL to the no.

DPMR: You work out on an elliptical, right? And you run the stairs here?

Me: Yep.

DPMR: You're a moron. It's piriformis syndrome. Quit running the stairs. And do these stretches. And use a heating pad and NSAIDs.

Me: scream

If there were a Twitter tag for this entire month, it would be #tinyscream.

As the topper, I think one of the docs that I like best is leaving the stroke program. I'm not sure yet, having only heard the most whispered of rumors, but I'm worried.

Kentucky is gorgeous, though, as is Missoula. I could move, right? Right? Even with my sore butt and my worn-to-a-nubbin temper?


(in)Sain Adventures said...

Montana is beautiful...some people don't even have AC in their houses! And they don't die because of it(unlike TX) I grew up in the D/FW area.

As a CST/CFA I LOVE your blog. :-)

cowango said...

You are right. Kentucky is gorgeous. I'm sitting in it and can attest to the fact. Thanks for the lesson on PS -- looked it up officially on Wiki and am now up to speed. Here on the western edge of Kentucky we are runnin' arselves to nubbins too. I would add to your list, as to my activity, pain reliever (or maybe pill pusher), toilet repair reporter, and eternal nag to get the damned dirty utility emptied of trash, etc regularly.

Hope your tush feels better soon. Go get a massage and have them get the knots outa there. Do you a world of good.

BossNurse said...

Spent 4 years back in the late 90s working in the ICU at St. Pat's in Missoula. I had a lovely old restored home on the North Side, within walking distance of work. I was a moron, and let the evil ex drag me off to Alaska. I wish I'd never left Missoula--I loved it that much. Oh well, at least I'm no longer with the evil ex.

Recently had an SI Joint injection after months of butt/leg pain. Initially thought it was PS. Tiny scream doesn't begin to describe it. Good luck with getting it straightened out!

messymimi said...

Lots of places are beautiful; unfortunately, if they have people in them, you are likely to run into the same problems.

Eileen said...

Apparently also known as wallet syndrome in men - from sitting on them in the back pocket. I don't imagine you, like me, suffer from an overstuffed one of them...

Anonymous said...

I could live anywhere just give me beautiful summers and wine.

CQ said...

Is it so bad everywhere? Employed nurses working their nubbins off, and others who can't get a job for trying. What the hell.

Rosanna said...

Once, when I had a period of (extra-painful!!) work-related lumbar pain, I went down to our Physical Therapy Department............ talked to the head therapist about some lumbar support for my chair at home............ then, through Central Supply, purchased a firm, (and actually quite effective!!), lumbar-support pillow "At Employee Cost," which I still use when I need it.

Although I'm not sure whether or not a therapeutic "piriformis-cushioning seat"----(i.e., for use at home, after work)----would help any, in easing your pain, it might also be worth your while to talk to one of your in-house RPTs about your pain, too. With a big bank account, (haha!!), a stationary Bostrom (semi-truck) chair would really be *d.i.v.i.n.e* to have; however, I just love how most RPTs can suggest OTHER genuinely-"affordable" options, too!! 'Sure hope your pain gets better, Jo............

Allison said...

DrPMR is correct saying don't run the stairs. Running is not your friend with piriformis. If you can work a visit to a masseuse with strong hands in to your schedule, I find massage provides more relief than anything.

Penny Mitchell said...

If you're moving anywhere it damn well better be Colorado. Saint Elizabeth's Home for Wayward Dogs is most likely relocating here. I shit you not.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Yeah, I know - we're short too. We just opened a new satellite hospital and half of our staff has left - our census is up, we are training 6 new RNs on my unit. All of a sudden overtime is ok again! Not for me this week, thank you. (writing this in bed-NOT getting out-phone downstairs in my purse-under a pillow). Hang in!

Anonymous said...

During my bout with PS, the best thing that worked was the "Magic Ass Ball" treatment. My partner used a softball to massage the crap out of that muscle every night. After about a week I was much better (but I also cut out the stairs and a pair of clogs that seem to exacerbate it.)