Thursday, August 18, 2011

Y'know what's depressing?

This is what's depressing: I've been through breakups, job changes, CANSUH, failed romances, and all manner of crises, large and small, and the biggest load of squee-ing, fan-girl email I get is occasioned by my father's comment on this blog.

My Sainted Father makes *one* comment (about mailing his liver to Abyssinia) and I'm innundated by emails saying things like, "OMG! Was that really your dad? You sound just like him!! Is he cute??"

Dad and I used to play a game at dinner to drive Mom wild. We called it the "New Mommy Material" game. Dad would posit theories like "Pia Zadora would make a good New Mommy" and I would shoot them down or offer alternatives. If Sainted Father ever wants a New Mommy with medical training, can I offer him all your email addresses?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes please do just that. :)

I keep reading your blog for what you have to say, and the very witty way that you say it. Your dad sounds like a more weathered, distilled, well-aged version of you. A nice drink is always a joy. But your dad is a fine aged scotch.

Look at it this way- when you ponder "What will Old Jo be like..." having 50% "Jo's dad" DNA doesn't suck.

So... Need my phone number to pass on too? ;)

Rosanna said...

(To post or not, i.e., your call, Jo!):

With all due respect to your Dad's being initially baffled ............ (and I have a Dad who's been a lifelong "jokester", too) ............ by your decision to go to nursing school, with your Dad finally saying to you one day, "Johanne, I've figured out why you like nursing. You're the only one who was ever good at math," (i.e., see 5/22/10), I'd just like to throw-out this observation for the fans writin' in:

Since you previously had worked, Jo, as a women's health advocate; health educator; and paraprofessional at Planned Parenthood FOR *#10 YEARS*, commenting in one of your previous blogs, (4/14/05), "I got a job at Planned Parenthood and realized that I was really good at this odd thing. For some reason, people relaxed when I walked in the room; they told me secrets and embarrassing things without a qualm" ............ that, to me, indicates that your clients ............ first of all, EMOTIONALLY TRUSTED YOU for #10 years ............ and, secondly, your clients apparently also INTELLECTUALLY TRUSTED YOU, too, to explain important health issues/problems to them, (in "language" they could understand), for #10 years.

Soooo, given your long, rewarding #10-YEAR JOB HISTORY, (while working for Planned Parenthood), of not only your clients' deep Emotional Trust, but also of your clients' apparent Intellectual Trust, too ............ it wasn't, (as you know), *only* your bein' "good at math" ............ which was the reason WHY you liked nursing.

I s'pose if you hadn't had ANY HEALTH-RELATED EXPERIENCE, at all, maybe I could understand your Dad's "fingerin' your math skills," because we all certainly need some math skills in nursing.

However----(probably like you and many of your readers, too)----I simply see a "natural progression" FROM YOUR #10 SUCCESSFUL YEARS as a women's health advocate; health educator; and paraprofessional at Planned Parenthood ............ *to nursing*.

Maybe actually just an eensy-weensy bit more than a natural progression from ............ your being "good at math" ............ *to nursing*, (with all due respect to your Dad-and-fans)!!

DerAlterMeg said...

We didn't have "New Mommie" but we had "The Used Mamas Lot" I was threatened with the "Used Little Kids Lot."